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Mr. Robert Green is the founder of MOVNG TO SUCCEED and this is his vision. Below is the explanation and purpose of this web site and they are the words of Mr. Robert Green:

This web site will be for those whose freedom is within the horizon and have aspirations to become entrepreneurs upon their release, but they don't have the knowledge, capital and/or connections needed to jump start their business ventures

This web site can also be utilized as a social media platform to network with people who may be in position to provide them with valuable information, start-up capital and/or the opportunities needed for them to "SUCCEED".

The web site can be used by our aldermen who represent the wards in the black communities. If they truly want to assist in stopping the violence and senseless killings within the inner cities and across the country, and help curb the high recidivism, they must not turn a blind eye to the lack of educational tools and programs needed in maximum prisons in the state of Illinois.

Not everyone imprisoned will be incarcerated forever. If they return to society NO MORE EDUCATED than when they were in prison, how productive do (you) believe they will be as an un-educated, ex-offender who lacks the tools, resources and opportunities needed to "SUCCEED" as a productive member in society? More importantly as a productive member within your communities?

So, since there are no educational programs beyond a G.E.D., I've provided you with MOVING TO SUCCEED!

MOVING TO SUCCEED was born because I felt compelled to try to do something to help others. Hoping to show you that the desire to "SUCCEED" and become self sufficient as business owners does exist in our hearts and minds.

Ex-Offender's View...

"Being released from prison is a great event in one's life. The certainties and uncertaities regarding family, friends, relationships and gainful employment can be a little overwhelming. Clearly, entrepreneurship is a most promising option for employment. Starting your own business makes you the boss and everything depends on you. Mr. Robert Green's vision of a resources network available to assist returning citizens with everything they need to get started, is timely and awesome. This vision in action will not only uplift returning citizens as contributing members of society, but addresses the social economic disparity that plagues the black community as a whole." (Kevin C.)

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